Compact grader CALIBRA CC

Productive, efficient, adapted

Compact and very simple to maintain, the CALIBRA CC is ideal for small and medium companies.

Composed of 3 to 8 ejection stations, in a left/right combination or in line, the CALIBRA CC improves productivity and takes your pace constraints into account.

This compact grader is able to sort different products simultaneously in large quantities. It is an economical grading solution with a maximum performance in minimum space.



  • Weighing pan capacity up to 4.5kg/9lb 14.73oz
  • Weighing pan length 600mm$
  • Output up to 6000 products/hour
  • Product ejection by curved flippers
  • Management software offering a large panel of programs
  • Control panel with 8’’ touch screen
  • Washing nozzles


  • Different channels in option:
  • Ejection channel
  • Recovery channel
  • Large recovery channel
  • Guiding channel for tray
  • Guiding channel
  • Data extraction software « DC »
  • Access pack « UBIQUITY »
  • Guidance lighting buttons for rearming after filling
  • Tailored work table at the ejection level.