International trades are now a necessity to growing companies. The wish of Vendée Concept is to grow to 50% in exports, stimulating expansion. To meet the specific demand for agro-industry, the company is actually on every continent through its distributors. Vendée Concept offers machines made in France, with an on-site installation. The installation by our technicians includes customers’ training to run the machine.

Vendée Concept sells graders throughout the world and maintains a presence on each continent. It is present in Canada, including New Brunswick and Quebec for the seafood sector. Our graders are used for the weighing of snow crab and lobster. United States are also among our customers: our machines are present in Texas in the poultry sector.

Vendée Concept resorts to sales representatives, experts in food equipment. Our sales representatives cover Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador, supplying the demands of the poultry and seafood sectors.

Our presence in Maghreb has increased during the past two years. Many customers are based in Morocco, weighing seafood such as anchovies and fish.

We extend our presence to Turkey, where our customers are producers of poultry and fish.

We are also present in Asia in the poultry sector.

However, Vendée Concept does not forget where it came from: France. And the European market is still really important. Our clients are large international groups and SMEs based in countries such as Poland, Spain, and Italy.

Find our distributors in Europe, North America, South America, North Africa, Asia and Australia here.