Before shipment, quality control is focused on visual aspects of the machine, to identify possible defects. Then, a check is made on the dimension that must meet customer’s request. To prepare the expedition, the shipping date and the validation are done by the business engineer, in agreement with the client.

In order to transport products in optimal conditions, Vendee Concept proceeds in two different ways, depending on the destination, France or abroad.

For France and for short trips, we ship the machines by truck, and sometimes we deliver the goods ourselves. For longer trips, we use trailers of 12 meters. In the same way, Express packages can be sent.

In France, the machine is packed in a black wrap, which prevents from dust and allows stopping bumps. The packed machine is fixed on a pallet. Feet of the machine are attached by stainless steel parts to guarantee the stability of the machine. The transport of pallet ensures loading and unloading secured.

Abroad, the machine is also packed with black wrap, and is fixed to the floor in a wooden crate. The wooden box is used for long trips, to avoid any shocks. The wooden case secures the transport. By air, the wooden case is weighed before and after loading products, in order to establish and verify the weight.

Boat shipment is used for international customers. Therefore, the wooden case is not the only container used; we can load the machines directly in the containers. In order to respect the customs procedures and rules of sea transport, the container is weighed with and without products inside. Each machine modules are weighed on their side to get a proper weight of the bundle. In addition, a lead is added to preserve the shipment. Only Customs can break the lead for checking and we will be informed if this is the case.

Transport in France and abroad integrates the packaging of the machine, the shipment with the detailed packing list. This packing list is essential, it defines the number of transported items, the dimensions and weight of each module.

Vendée Concept strictly respects the rules imposed by the Customs, for principles of integrity and short delivery time.