Vendee Concept

Vendee Concept manufactures equipment for the food industry by incorporating specific technological processes. Our CALIBRA range of products and our mechanical solutions offer automation concepts, grading, weighing, supervision, conveying and handling. We are experts in poultry, meat and seafood.

To adapt ourselves market’s growth, we are developing innovative products using a dimension of ergonomic workstations. The exigence is based on the fast flow of goods, the production monitoring and the full traceability of the production cycle, thereby ensuring quality standards and food safety.

Due to the initiative of Christophe Favre, Vendee Concept was born in 1991. Based in La Roche-sur-Yon in the west of France, it now radiates internationally. Our team includes 66 employees at the head office.



The human-sized company

With 66 employees, the ease of communication between services is great. Each employee is proactive. Decision making is fast and the commitment of our teams keeps them responsive. Unlike large groups, our customers have direct contact which provides proximity and reactivity. These values are fundamental to our business.

Commitment to quality

The company is committed to the quality of its machines, which are guaranteed for one year. Stainless steel is the main material used for our products. Every piece is standardized, enabling a faster and more reliable assembly of our machines.

Technological innovation

The technological innovation is integrated in Vendée Concept’s DNA. It develops new technological processes, as its clients deserve. In fact, the research and development service allows Vendée Concept to develop high added value solutions. Its expertise in dynamic weighing and intelligence in industrial processes makes it competitive. The rigor accorded to the demands and the taking into account of the clients exigencies come from the complexity of the food industry. As an answer, Vendée Concept innovates. In 2015, it develops a new belt taking system and patents it. This new system allows a totally automatized and delicate handeling of the products