Ergonomic advice

Musculoskeletal disorders are responsible of 85% of occupational diseases and the agri-food sector is one of the first sectors to be heavily affected. MSDs result in tendonitis, back pain, and repetitive strain from carrying heavy loads. Although MSDs have consequences for the individual, they also have one on collective labor. According to the government, the annual average cost of MSDs is € 21,300 for the company (2014). To help you fight against the MSDs, Vendée Concept’s machinery incorporates ergonomic principles for workstations.

The “Compte pénibilité” set up by the French government in 2015 gathers 10 categorizing factors of painful work. The 4 risk factors applied in 2015 are related to a physical work environment or an aggressive pace:

  • Work in a hyperbaric environment
  • Night work
  • Work in alternating successive teams
  • Repetitive work which characterized by the repetition of the same movement, at a strenuous pace with a defined time cycle

The other 6 factors that will begin in July 2016:

  • Manual handling of loads
  • Painful postures which put a lot of pressure on the joints
  • Handling vibrating machinery
  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Noise

Think of your employees and make their jobs less difficult. The tray elevator can be subsidized, so check with your insurance company!