Tailor-made conveyor system

The modular conveyor Vendee Concept are designed for product transfer based on your needs, rapid and hygienic. For an optimization of the products conveying, Vendee Concept offers different types of conveyors: elevating conveyor, curved conveyor (from 5 to 180°), retractable conveyors, overhead conveyor, dynamic stockpiling machine and cleats conveyors.

Its soldered structure in stainless steel 304L has been studied for an excellent robustness. The plastic coating prevents injuries, and makes the work areas more comfortable.


Modular and hygienic

The tailored implantation and the modularity of the conveyors optimize your work spaces. Our conveyors offer a lot of possibilities of modification, such as addition of a portion or replacement of one type of conveyor by another to fit in a new configuration.
The openwork structure of the modular conveyor Vendee Concept is a hygiene token.

Indeed, its new design allows a decrease on the food retention. Moreover, those can be dismantled, so are the guides, which make the cleaning efficient and rapid. Vendée Concept proposes to integrate the cleaning system in too.

Every materials used are respecting the law about food processing, insuring this way a material-product contact without molecule transfer.


  • Cleaning system
  • Trays suport
  • Closing system
  • Hopper
  • Work tables