The parcel Sorter CALIBRA TC

The CALIBRA TC is specially designed for your order preparation installation, regardless of your food industry type.

An efficient identification system

The CALIBRA TC can distribute batches according to different criteria: product reference, client, distribution area, etc…

The sorter is linked to a barcode reader, thus ensuring error-free box traceability.

At the box reception as well, the ramp has a 24” monitor for a better reading.


An individual tracking

The boxes are identified individually on the sorter belt by a barcode reader. The possible saturation of a line is indicated by a signaling light and alarm.

It is also possible to program several lines of load shedding for the same distribution area. When applicable, the ejection conveyor stops automatically, until it is decongested.

Better ergonomics

The CALIBRA TC Parcel Sorter reduces the amount of parcel handling and maximizes space efficiently.


  • Output up to 3,000 products/hour
  • Multi-sized parcels
  • Equipment suitable for all types of loads and packaging
  • Data storage on SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Personalized report creation with SQL server reporting services (export PDF, Word and Excel)
  • Graphical maintenance supervision in real-time


  • Bander
  • Taper