Bi-line oyster grader CALIBRA CD

The new generation bi-line oyster grader promises weighing precision and rapidity

The output of 10 000 oysters/hour/line respects your oysters’ fragility thanks to an adequate ejection. 6 to 7 ejections are proposed. The materials adapted to the oyster-farming sector warrantee the in wet area weighing efficiency.


The bi-line grader offers specifics to oyster-farming sector sorting capacities.

The grader is composed of:

  • Cistern for the water recuperation and elevator belt with cleats
  • Aligning pipe
  • One person timer with fixed platform
  • New generation weighing bridge
  • Ejection conveyor with reception channels and automatic traps


  • Output up to 10 000 products/line/hour
  • Compatible with Recup DC and the Supervisor
  • 6 to 7 ejections possible