Batcher grader CALIBRA CD

The ideal combination between weighing and batching

Vendee Concept CALIBRA CD is an ideal equipment which combine poultry grading and batching. This system integrates intelligence in industrial process: the grader batcher sorts and places products in function of a pre-defined weight. It also offers the possibility to sort and join different species.

The CALIBRA CD has the specificity of cumulative weighing function: after programming a preset weight, it groups food products inside buffer tanks until desired weight is reached.


A buffer tank is equipped of a guillotine trap drove by a pneumatic cylinder, it allows temporary storage of the products when the current box has reached the right weight. A luminous push-button allows the products liberation when the box has been replaced. The combination of grading and batching of poultry products has for consequence to optimize production’s efficiency.

The Supervisor, efficiency and traceability

The association of the Supervisor Vendee Concept is the ideal complement to collect the data coming from our CALIBRA range. This optional equipment, associates a traceability and storage management tool to the production management. The Supervisor is a real time production data recuperation tool. Your entire production data is stored, collected and analyzed allowing you to optimize your global production. It collects and records all the weighing data linked to the labeling.

An adapted conception

In order to optimize operators’ work spaces, Vendee Concept offers as an option stations with work tables.

The conveyors are also installed before and after the weighing bridge regarding of your plant configuration.


  • Weighing pan capacity up to 12kg
  • Output reaching 12 000 products/hour
  • Management software offering a large panel of programs
  • Control unit with 15’ touch screen


  • Reception or buffer channels
  • Lighting push buttons ramp for the rearming after the filling
  • On measures work tables at the ejection
  • Access pack Upiquity
  • Software Recup DC
  • Supervisor
  • Control software CALIBRATOPC
  • Labeler with stainless steel box