Associative weigher, CALIBRA OPEZ-B

A precise and simplified weighing solution.

La CALIBRA OPEZ-B works in two steps. The superior part is made of 7 weighing buckets and the inside part has 14 buffer traps with angular open, 2 for 1 bucket. When a product is weighted, the bucket has a 90° turn and put it on the buffer trap. The products are tilted to a modular conveyor. The unused products are ejected by a flipper. It is possible to make 14 weight associations.

The better combination made in less than a second

The CALIBRA OPEZ-B can combine a pre determined number of previously cut pieces for the realization of fixed weight doses. The products come ready to be packaged. The software calculate the combination of different available products to reach the target weight. It is possible to realize 14 weight associations.


  • Dose up to 1.5kg
  • Output of 25 times/minute
  • 7 buckets and weighing cells
  • 14 buffer traps with angular open
  • Modular conveyor for the dose reception
  • Flipper for the reject area
  • Management software allowing a program panel
  • Control panel with 15” touch screen


  • Access pack Ubiquity
  • Recup DC software
  • Supervisor
  • Control software Calibra To PC