Associative weigher CALIBRA OPEZ-B

A precise and simplified weighing solution

The CALIBRA OPEZ-B works in two stages. The upper part is used to place products. There are seven weighing buckets that discharge in 14 buffer hatches with angular opening (two for each bucket). Each product have to be placed individually in one of the 7 buckets. When a product has been weighed, the bucket swivels by 90° and places it on the buffer hatch. At that moment, the program calculates the better combination in order to match the targeted weigh. Then, the selected products are tilted on a modular conveyor. This conveyor allows the transfer of the dose to an exit for the packing. It is equipped with a receding flipper for the overdosage management.

The best combination realised in a fraction of a second

The CALIBRA OPEZ-B can combine a number of predetermined pre-cut pieces to realise a fixed weight dose. The products arrive ready for packing. The software calculate the combination of different products available to equal the target weight. It’s posible to realize 91 weight associations in product by 2.



  • Dose until 1,5 kg
  • Output of 25 stroke/minutes
  • 7 reception channels and weighing cell
  • 14 trapdoors with angular opening
  • Modular conveyor for dose reception
  • Flippers for waste zone
  • Control software offering a panel of programs
  • Control panel with 15” touchscreen


  • Access pack UBIQUITY
  • Recup DC software
  • Supervisor
  • Control software CALIBRA TOPC