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20 avril 2016

Discover our areas of expertise thanks to the video channel of Vendée Concept

ROBOTIZATION : Automation of transfer, positioning of the products in a process or in machines for the conditioning (thermoformer and trays containers).

GRADING : Distribution of your products according to their weight and/or their size simultaneously in big quantities.

BATCHING : Composition of a fixed weight from different weights. Idaal for delicate and small dimension products.

SORTING : Repartition of parcels and of trays according to diffrent critireas (size, weight, batch), associated to a system of barcode lecture ensuring a flawless traceability of the products..

IT SOLUTIONS : Our custom solutions are thought and developed to accompany your company in the optimization of your production tools. Our IT team is working on the integration, of softwares adapted to your needs for a reliable and traceable management of your production process.

MECHANICAL SOLUTIONS : Vendée Concept is developing some mechanical solutions in a global process approach. Our equipments allows to automate the reception of poultry and the conveyance of products..

ERGONOMIC SOLUTIONS : The  musculoskeletal disorders represent 85% of the occupational illness and the sector of the food industry is one of the first to be strongly affected by it. Vendée Concept answers to this issue by developing a whole range of ergonomic solutions. Out ergonomic conceptions improve productivity by the decrease of sick leave and ensure a secure work environment for your teams.