The supervisor

This supervisor is the ideal complement to collect information from our range CALIBRA . It combines production management and tool for traceability and stock management. The Supervisor is a real time tool of production data recuperation. It declines itself in two parts: Server’s part allows the data recuperation and transfer it to the SQL server. In the other hand, the software Gestprod, allows your information consultation. The totality of your production data is stored, picked and analyzed in order to optimize your global production. It picks up and records all the weighing data according to the labeling.


The Supervisor is an effective performance tool. This solution combines your production data and offers a complete traceability of your production cycle.

This traceability meets the food quality and security regulations. Gestprod can supervise several machines from Vendée Concept CALIBRA range, as well as scale or drawbridges from other brands.

Gestprod training

The Gestprod training guides you to use the software, understand it and pick your data up by yourself.

Detailed training « data base »

This training teaches you how to reach and to work with your data by yourself. A depth mastery of the Supervisor is very useful on specific needs surrounding.

Training « statement generator »

The « statement generator » training proposes to go further by bringing you a peculiar solution.”


  • Ergonomic interface working on Windows 7 with SQL Server database
  • Possible connection with static scales, data terminals , labeling and barcode readers
  • Available in French, English and Polish
  • Fully configurable user interface for a better integration to the company
  • Calculation of material yields and comparison with the theoretical yield
  • Calculation of production standard deviations
  • Representation of results in graphs or tables
  • Ability to export data to Excel or PDF
  • Manage production schedules