The container elevator

The container elevator allows to put a pile of thermosealed containers at a good height. Made of 304L stainless steel, it is made of a 4 polyamide feet mounted frame and a HD500 pan adjusted with a rodless pneumatic cylinder with 700mm course.

The container elevator works automatically or manually

elevateur de barquette


  • Maximum weight: 10kg
  • Feeding: Compressed air: 6 bars
  • Lifting height: from 290mm to 990mm over the pan
  • Maximum width: 235mm
  • Maximum depth: 515mm
  • Maximum height: 1050mm
  • Black turning button 3 positions with label “auto-0-manu”
  • Black push button with label “drop”.
  • Container detection photocell
  • HD500 pan
  • 4 polyamide feet Ø40mm