Compact video oyster grader CALIBRA CCV

Calibreuse compacte vidéo à huître

The compact video oyster grader has been specially conceived to serve the needs of space optimization in oyster-farming’s production areas.

The CALIBRA CCV sort products by size (length, width) thanks to a video system embedded on the brought up conveyor. The oysters are then led towards a smart motorized deflector. The oysters are deviated delicatly towards reception channels composed of automatic trapdoors.

The automatic trapdoors allow the batching in number of pieces in the different ejection exits. A light beacon signal the closing of the trapdoor when the target weight of a tray or a pocket is reached. The opening of the trapdoor is realized manually thanks to a lever.

The + :

  • Ultra compact grader
  • Output up to 10 000 oysters/hour
  • Camera with intuitive and precise settings
  • 100 % electric – 220 Volt
  • Robust and simplified mechanical conception
  • Significant decrease of maintenance costs

3D Calibreuse compacte vidéo