Checkweighers for live poultry

The CALIBRA CVV, live poultry grader

This mobile grading machine automatically sorts live birds according to their weight.

It delicately handles them on the weighing bridge and then directs them to a slide chute with the same delicacy thanks to an intelligent 4.0″ motorized diversion system.

Highlights :

– The quality of the weighing bridge allows maximum precision (+/- 10g).

– The live birds are deposited manually.

– The ultra-compact chassis reduces space requirements.

– Wheels with integrated brakes ensure optimum mobility.

– A 100% stainless steel design to meet the hygiene requirements of the poultry sector.

– Resistant modular strip

– The power supply system is 100% electrical

– This grading machine can efficiently weigh up to 2400 birds per hour.




Always in a process of constant innovation, Vendée concept has developed new processes in the poultry sector.

For the last few weeks, the company has been offering a CALIBRA T QUARTZ/Y checkweigher, class Y approved, for live poultry crates in its CALIBRA range.

This device weighs the full crates one by one before and after the hanging area in order to obtain a weight that justifies invoicing to the farmer.

The capacity is up to 35kg with a rate of 1000 crates per hour. This system is now proposed in the development of live docks, but also in integration in existing infrastructures.

This innovation is the guarantee of a precise weighing as close as possible to the slaughter. It also contributes to the reduction of non-conformities and to the knowledge of the daily load of catchers. This process will be installed in a poultry slaughterhouse located in the Vendée.