Weighing bridge CALIBRA QUARTZ

The compact and hygienic weighing

The weighing bridge CALIBRA QUARTZ is made of a weighing pan allowing the in movement grading of all type of products packaged or not. The 8” or 15” touch screen allows different grading programs. The management software offers you multiple possibilities of which program you want to use.


A hygienic system

The weighing bridge CALIBRA QUARTZ design has been studied for a fast cleaning. The weighing bridge opening insures an access to the belt coiling system. More than the hygienic conception, the components quality warrantees a resistance to power washing.
The CALIBRA QUARTZ weighing bridge is dedicated to our graders, it is a standard equipment and exists in two length: 1000mm and 1600mm.


  • Output up to 12000 products/hour
  • Weighing pan capacity up to 12kg
  • Management software offering a large panel of programs
  • Control panel with 8” or 15” touch screen


  • UBIQUITY access pack
  • Software Recup DC
  • Supervisor
  • Control software CALIBRATOPC