Individual adjustable platform

The standing position over long periods of time can be responsible of aches and pain for the operator, such as general muscular exhaust.

The platforms designed by VENDEE CONCEPT adjustable to suit worker’s height. This allows the operator to work in a position adapted to its work environment.

In order to enhance the overall comfort and ensure secure working conditions,VENDEE CONCEPT also offers a variety of perch seats which allow the operator to select from a multitude of positions and reduce the feeling of overall fatigue.

The seat is made of soft polyurethane for maximum comfort.
Low space occupation and stability are two key factors.


For a better grip, the coating is made of antiskid slatted green material.


  • Height adjustment pipe into pipe at a pitch of 60 mm
  • Antiskid slatted green coating
  • Square pipes soldered at 45° to help the cleaning
  • Footrest above the platform
  • Stainless steel guardrails


  • Perch seat in soft polyurethane