The Tripod robot DELTA CALIBRA

A belt gripping patented system.

Reinvent your production system.

The Tripod Robot DELTA CALIBRA allows the automatic filling of the thermoformer cells or sleeve packs, thus ensuring the regular and adequate positioning of the product in its receptacle.                                                                     

Through its 3 parallelograms operating arm, the DELTA CALIBRA Robot combines weightlessness and speed: its video system allows it to determine the clamps angle at the product taking.

Its operational diameter is 1300mm, which warranties its adaptability for a great number of applications.


A gripping system adapted to your proctucts.

Vendée Concept proposes different gripping systems, allowing the products transfer to packages.

Vendée Concept has patented a new belt gripping system allowing the delicate handling of fragile products. The first application has been made on turkey fillets packaging on trays.

Speed and softness

The DELTA CALIBRA robot main advantage is its output of 60 taking/min for a 5kg weight and 80 taking/min for a 2.5 kg weight.

Speed and precision optimize your productivity, overtaking the manual method yield.

By its reliability, the DELTA CALIBRA Robot join performances and respect to the product quality.


  • Controlled axes: 3 axes
  • Operational radius 650 mm  Operational diameter 1300mm
  • 350° rotation for the gripping system
  • Pneumatic or electric gripping system
  • Safety gantry and support
  • Control panel with 15” touch screen